Welcome to Planktos’ documentation!

Planktos is an agent-based modeling framework targeted at 2D or 3D fluid environments. Agents in this framework are relatively tiny organisms (e.g., plankton or small insects) whose effect on the surrounding fluid can be considered negligible.

This library can be used for scientific exploration and quantification of collective and emergent behavior, including interaction with immersed structures. Functionality includes:

  • Arbitrary agent behavior utilizing ODE, SDE, or just a coded algorithm

  • Loading time dependent CFD-generated velocity fields from VTK or NetCDF formatted data files

  • Loading immersed STL-formatted mesh structures and vertex points

  • Data visualization as images or animations with kernel density estimation

  • Velocity field analysis with respect to deterministic agent behavior via the finite-time Lagrangian exponent.

If you use this software in your project, please cite it as:

Strickland, WC. (2017), Planktos agent-based modeling framework. https://github.com/mountaindust/Planktos.

A suggested BibTeX entry is included in the file Planktos.bib.

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